Neck Stretches

Below are some great videos that I have researched and found to be very helpful! Don’t forget to Warm Up Prior to Stretching , no need to injury yourself.  

You can start by doing a few neck rolls and head rotations : looking left then right & up then down. Make sure to stretch at your own pace and within your flexibly range!!!! 

Including stretching in your everyday routine will be helpful in : increasing flexibility, range of motion, blood flow and also helping to de-stress and relax… take a few minutes and enjoy!

Neck Stretch Exercise for Pain, Tension & Stress Relief by Jen Hilman

This is a great video to help stretch all the muscles of the neck while inducing a wonderful sence of relaxation

Behind the Head Stretch - Amy McCauley LiveStrong

This is a great stretch for the front of the neck and chest

How to stretch the Neck by Amy McCauley LiveStong

These are great stretches to do during the middle of the day , esp if you look at a computer all day