Cold Stone Migraine Therapy

About Cold Stone Migraine Therapy . . .

This innovative treatment consists of massage therapy techniques, essential oils applied to the face and pulse points, and the use of specially designed cold marble stones placed at strategic areas to reduce inflammation of blood vessels.

Pricing . . .

30 minutes – $50

45 minutes – $70  (Includes hands and feet)

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Helps to . . .

It is designed specifically for people who want an alternative, fast and dramatic relief treatment for all kinds of headaches, without taking drugs.

During a migraine, blood vessels in the brain expand in a process called vasodilatation.  As the tissues surrounding the brain swell, the pain intensifies.  The most commonly known triggers are: stress, caffeine addiction, hormonal changes, food allergies and environmental agitation. 

“My migraine has not returned. I have gotten tiny headaches but they go away with the oil. You’ve done a miracle! Thank you!! ” 

Ashley M.

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